Acts 8 Missionary Gathering: I Dream of a Church

The Episcopal Church is in an Acts 8 Moment.  What’s an Acts 8 Moment?  Here’s one take on it:

And here’s another:

An Acts 8 Moment happens when the church is no longer comfortable – when the old ways of doing things don’t work any more, when we have to learn to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit, when we suddenly find ourselves out on the wilderness road, learning to reach new people in new ways.

The Episcopal Church has been too comfortable for too long – and finally, the pressures of declining membership and finances have gotten our attention.  Things aren’t comfortable any more.  It’s time to start doing things in new ways.

At the last General Convention, we created a Restructuring Task Force.  But the job before us today is about more than structure.  It’s about evangelism and outreach and social justice and letting our voice be heard by people who have given up on the church, or who never gave it a thought.

Acts 8 is a group of lay and ordained leaders in the church – like you! – who want to dream and imagine a new church.  Join us in Scottsdale April 22-24 to talk about how we can lead the church in a new era.  We’ll have some speakers on interesting topics, and we’ll talk together about how God is calling us to transform the church and our ministries.

What kind of church do you dream of?


Acts 8 Flyer

Preliminary Gathering Agenda

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